Logo: Zentrales Knochenmarkspender-Register für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland gemeinnützige GmbH
» There is a 10% probability of being asked
back for further examinations. «
Only around 1% of the registered donors actually donate blood stem cells.
» The ZKRD is the largest databank in Europe and one
of the most efficient worldwide. «
Over 30,000 foreign and domestic enquiries are preceded per year.
» 75% of the patients have found a suitable
donor after 3 months. «
Common HLA properties occur in Germany at a rate of 1:300.
» The ZKRD has access to the data of more than 8,000,000
potential donors from all over Germany. «
Over 7,000 transplantations are carried out per year using German donors.
» The ZKRD can access the data of
more than 34,000,000 donors worldwide! «
A suitable donor is found for 9 out of 10 patients.


Phone: +49 731 1507 + direct dialing

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A complete list with direct dialing of our team can be found in the restricted area of our homepage.