In princip­le, anyo­ne aged bet­ween 18 and 55 years can regis­ter as a vol­un­ta­ry stem cell donor.
To beco­me a stem cell donor, you can regis­ter eit­her by atten­ding a typ­ing cam­pai­gn or by
reques­ting a regis­tra­ti­on kit from a donor cen­ter of your choice. The kit will be sent out by
post and con­tains all the necessa­ry papers, a con­sent form, and two cot­ton swabs. Each of
the­se is used to take a cheek swab from the lining of the mouth. The sam­ples are then returned
to the donor cen­ter with the signed con­sent form. Your data will be saved and pseudonymized
at the donor cen­ter, then for­war­ded to the ZKRD. Regis­tra­ti­on is then com­ple­te, and you will
be avail­ab­le as a poten­ti­al donor to pati­ents worldwide.