This con­tri­bu­ti­on helps to fund the fol­lo­wing three areas:
• The actu­al search, i.e. con­fir­ma­to­ry typ­ing of donors, pro­cu­re­ment and trans­por­ta­ti­on of
blood samples, etc.
• The “ope­ra­ting cost allo­wan­ce” that sup­ports the work of the stem cell donor centers.
• The work of the ZKRD.
For pro­lon­ged and expen­si­ve sear­ches the­re is a recur­ring allo­wan­ce per year. Given that a
sui­ta­ble donor can be found within a few weeks or months for most pati­ents, the recurring
allo­wan­ce is sel­dom claimed.