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Son­ja Schlegel
Public Relations
ZKRD Zen­tra­les Kno­chen­mark­spen­der-Register für die Bun­des­re­pu­blik Deutschland
Post­fach 4244
89032 Ulm
Tele­fon: (07 31) 15 07 – 170
Fax: (07 31) 15 07 – 77 170

The Ger­man Natio­nal Bone Mar­row Donor Regis­try (ZKRD) holds all the data rele­vant to sear­ching for donors throughout Ger­ma­ny. This data is trans­mit­ted to the ZKRD by 26 Ger­man donor cen­ters.

On recei­ving a search request from a search cen­ter, the ZKRD com­pa­res the patient’s tis­sue cha­rac­te­ris­tics against the avail­ab­le donor data. The ZKRD can access the data of more than 9 mil­li­on donors in Ger­ma­ny and is thus the lar­gest and most effi­ci­ent regis­try in the world. Through its inter­na­tio­nal col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons, the ZKRD has access to the data of more than 36 mil­li­on donors. In terms of rese­arch and deve­lo­p­ment in infor­ma­ti­on tech­no­lo­gy, the ZKRD is again a pioneer. The exchan­ge of data bet­ween the stem cell donor regis­tries world­wi­de is ful­ly auto­ma­ted owing in lar­ge part to the deve­lo­p­ment acti­vi­ties and com­mit­ment of the spe­cia­lists in Ulm. The ent­i­re search pro­cess for a sui­ta­ble donor is con­stant­ly being refi­ned and opti­mi­zed to find the best donor for all pati­ents world­wi­de even faster.

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